The office

illustration by mark Stivers

It’s been a while since I worked in an office, and now that I’m back in one, I have to start rethinking my snacking structure. In an office environment it’s far too easy to fall into bad habits. Someone brings in doughnuts, a staff meeting is flanked by boxes of blueberry bagels and whipped cream cheese, bowls of candy flirt with you each time you pass by the secretary’s desk, and potluck after potluck begins weigh you down.

I find the easiest way to overcome all this is to simply plan ahead. Make large, healthy meals for dinner that will result in sumptuous leftovers the next day. I keep a small bowl of fruit from the farmers market at my desk. I do my best to keep a loaf of sourdough from Grateful Bread in the office fridge, and some coffee from Temple Fine Coffee and Tea is usually stashed away somewhere so that I can brew a fresh cup in my mini French press.

The best part is you’ll soon find these habits rubbing off on your co-workers.