Outside Sacramento

Photo By illustration by MARK STIVERS

I know you hate to do it, Sacramentans, but sometimes you just need to leave the city and try the great food that’s out there, beyond the city limits. I understand it can be scary going to a place where you aren’t able to inhale lines of savory-salty bone marrow from Ella Dining Room and Bar or wolf down a sultry chocolate avocado mousse from Magpie Caterers Market and Cafe, but there are other restaurants out there.

Go east, avid diner, and dine at the lauded Hawks restaurant, which is easily some of the finest dining to be had in Northern California. In Roseville, you can find the newest restaurant, Pause Lounge & Kitchen, whose truffled fries and crab beignets are causing quite a stir amongst food writers and food eaters.

Haven’t been in Davis in a while? Why not? The famous Davis Noodle City, a place I consider to be one of the greatest restaurants in all of California, is the place to go for freshly made, authentic Chinese noodle dishes. On weeknights at Delta of Venus, you can pick up some of the spiciest jerk chicken you ever tasted, as well as plenty of other Caribbean dishes.