Yelp amnesia

illustration by mark stivers

Dear Yelpers,

I do appreciate your reviews. Really, I do. In fact, if I want to get the scoop on a local restaurant, I check Yelp as well as the reviews from the local food critics and bloggers. I’ve learned how to wade through the reviews that are written by the inebriated or those that are obviously written by a restaurant’s competition in order to find the real, truthful, helpful reviews.

Still, there is one thing that bugs me: when people don’t get the review right because they can’t accurately describe or remember what they ate. Really, it’s hurtful to the restaurant, and it’s hurtful to your reputation as a Yelper and writer.

Some advice: If you aren’t sure what you ate, check the restaurant’s website for a menu. If it was a special that is unlisted on the website, then call the restaurant and check. Plus, it helps if you have an understanding of what a dish actually is, including the ingredients and techniques used to prepare the dish.