Bad service, bad meal

Photo By illustration by mark stivers

A few chef and food-writer friends of mine recently had a discussion about a local bar and eatery in Sac that is quickly gaining notoriety for horrendous service. So bad that even chefs and waiters who dine there are declaring that they aren’t leaving a tip and explaining to the waiters and bartenders why. What’s worse is that the food at this place is truly outstanding.

I talked to waiter and food blogger, Michael Procopio, of the blog Food for the Thoughtless ( and asked him what he thought about this situation; one so bad that waiters were stiffing their own kin. “Chefs may argue with me, but I think service is just as important as the food,” he said. “You can’t enjoy a meal in an atmosphere of indifference and hostility. Bad service completely distracts you from any interest you have in the food.”

So then, chefs, take note on the service in your place, as the customers surely are. Word gets around fast, and you don’t want crappy service to mar your reputation and the exquisite food you strive to put out night after night.