No ketchup?!

illustration by mark stivers

Orphan Breakfast House

3440 C St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 442-7370

There seems to be a small rebellion stirring up among breakfast fans. For those who truly appreciate skillfully cooked eggs and fluffy pancakes, Orphan Breakfast House is the place to go. If you haven’t been, Orphan is a restaurant in East Sac that focuses solely on breakfast. The food is outstanding, but you should be aware of the restaurant’s strange, almost baffling rule: no ketchup or Tabasco.

The reviews from both Sac’s Yelpers and professional critics are positive, but it seems that none of them are too keen to give up the red stuff. I can see it from Orphan’s point of view; the kitchen doesn’t want outside sauces covering up the flavors that it has carefully crafted. The food should be tasted and enjoyed as it is, balanced and composed.

But, come on, sometimes people just want a bit of ketchup. Nostalgia and customer preference are factors that Orphan should consider.

Hence, the soft-boiled revolution, as the last time I was there I swear I saw at least four people smuggle in a bottle of Heinz.