Fun with food

Greg Sabin is a local Renaissance man, improv comedian, financial adviser and food writer (Sac-Eats on Here are a few of his funny anecdotes from a life spent eating:

“As a kid, my parents took me to my favorite spot, Bobby McGee’s, and our waiter was a Rocky Balboa look-alike. I wasn’t too crazy about my fried chicken, but “Rocky” threatened to knock me out if I didn’t finish it, so I did, and wound up throwing it all up later.

“At the Nugget Diner in Reno, the guy working the counter wandered by me and mumbled, ‘Anybody help you?’ When I told him that nobody had, he said, ‘I’ll get the guy,’ at which point he spun around in a 360 with a toothy grin and said, ‘Evenin’, sir. How can I help you?’ It was absurdly bizarre.

“I greatly enjoy chefs who have fun with their menus. Stone Brewing in Escondido has by far the funniest menu I’ve ever seen. Some of their offerings are ‘The Stinky Cheese Plate,’ ‘The Really Stinky and More Expensive Cheese Plate,’ and their reference to baby carrots as ‘Real actual honest-to-goodness non-manufactured adolescent carrots whose lives were cut short, just for you.’”