Fuelish figures

Average price per gallon for California gasoline, adjusted for inflation, according to the California Energy Commission

2005: $2.47

1990: $1.47

Automobile fuel-efficiency figures, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy

Best gas mileage, normal automobile: VW New Beetle (diesel)—37 city, 44 highway

Best gas mileage, hybrid automobile: Honda Insight—60 city, 66 highway

Worst gas mileage, period: Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup—9 city, 12 highway

U.S. Geological Survey estimate of current known global oil reserves: 1 trillion barrels

U.S. Energy Information Administration estimate of current global oil consumption: 85 million barrels per day

Year known reserves will be exhausted at the current rate of consumption: 2042