Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

You think running a family is a challenge? How about running a family and a restaurant? Marc and Monica Deconinck, owners of Le Bilig French Café in Auburn, have five children. On a busy Saturday night, two of the girls peacefully watched a video in a minivan parked next to the kitchen, while an infant slept in a car seat. Meanwhile, we were digging into an array of robust dishes prepared by Marc, including a country pâté singing with garlic, savory veal sweetbreads, a huge plate of roasted rabbit, a massive Iowa filet mignon and pan-seared leg of lamb rubbed with herbes de Provence. A Deconinck child would wander quietly through the dining room from time to time, the infant soon appeared on Monica’s hip, and a 4-year-old uncomplainingly cleared tables at the end of the night. Great restaurant, lovely kids—Le Bilig makes it look like a piece of cake. 11750 Atwood Road in Auburn, (530) 888-1491.