Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Sesos means “brains” in Spanish. When we saw that on the menu at Taqueria Cazadores, all we could think about was mad-cow disease. Fortunately, the menu also includes choices unrelated to calf brains, so we called out the words “birria” (seasoned goat meat), “camarónes” (shrimp, in this case battered and fried) and “carnitas” (pork). We found them all delicious, especially when dressed with the spicy, red chipotle salsa. Besides tacos, which will set you back $1.25 apiece, Taqueria Cazadores offers quesadillas, tortas and burritos. The fortress-like exterior, with security bars on the windows and doors, belies a clean, simple dining room. Command of a bit of Spanish comes in handy when you place your order, but it isn’t essential. We’ll be back. Maybe someday, when this mad-cow thing gets under control, we’ll work up the courage to order sesos. 6035 1/2 Franklin Boulevard; (916) 395-8202.