Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

As if Fair Oaks Boulevard, the gourmet gulch, hasn’t been blessed enough, it now has a first-class pizza joint. We’re talking about , owned by Vince Burke, the former fisherman in chief at the defunct Pescados. Burke understands that, because pizza is such simple food, quality ingredients and preparation are of utmost importance. He uses organically grown flour and vegetables as well as high-quality meats. We would eat his tomato sauce straight from the pot; the garlic and herbs were in perfect balance with the sweetness and acidity of the tomato. A brick-deck oven yields a tasty, crispy-chewy crust (although we would appreciate just a bit more crunch). Pizza Romeo also offers a dazzling house-made organic ginger ale and strawberry lemonade. The price for all this quality is about the same as at inferior pizzerias. Score another one for Fair Oaks Boulevard; Pizza Romeo is pizza heaven. Loehmann’s Plaza, 2449 Fair Oaks Boulevard; (916) 48-ROMEO;