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Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Nothing brings a tear to the eye of a home beer brewer like bacterial contamination, which can make the entire batch unpalatable. Amateur brewers can put away their handkerchiefs, because (a “personal brewery and grill”) recently relocated from Davis to downtown Sacramento. At Brew It Up!, state-of-the-art equipment, sanitation and guidance yield great-tasting beer every time. You could call it “brewing for dummies,” but expert brewers enjoy the convenience and lively setting, as well. If brewing is not your cup of ale, Brew It Up! also offers a full bar, a beer-friendly menu and more than 20 house-made brews on draft. The beers range from effervescent hefeweizen to chill-chasing barley wine. They’re served in 20-ounce glasses for $4, or you can select a quartet of four-ounce tastes for $4.50. Brew It Up! offers an aspiring brewer the same benefit as a certain baby shampoo: no more tears. 801 14th Street, (916) 441-3000,