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Illustration By Conrad Garcia

The scone is a Scottish innovation, originally made of oats and baked on a griddle. Those early scones must have tasted like warm cakes of particle board. Two childhood friends, Erik Finnerty and Anthony Van Rees, have decided to chuck Scottish tradition and transform the scone into a rich, decadent treat. Their Fat Cat Scones go from frozen to fresh-baked in 30 minutes. Like the Scots, Fat Cat Scones make liberal use of butter. But unlike our kilt-wearing friends, these scones plump up the flavor quotient. You can be sure that the Scots of yore never experienced flavors like peach passion fruit, pumpkin oat spice, wild blueberry, banana pancake and mandarin orange cranberry—each topped off with a sweet glaze or raw sugar. Buy Fat Cat Scones at Leatherby’s Family Creamery, Corti Brothers, Whole Foods Market, Taylor’s Market and Ikedas California Country Market or order them online at