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Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Steven Dambeck, Apollo Olive Oil’s grower and miller, is one of those rare souls who care less about profit than they do about making the finest product they possibly can. His Sierra Blend and Mistral Blend extra-virgin olive oils have been awarded enough medals to fill a trophy case, and the Sierra Blend was honored as the best American oil at an international competition in Provence, France. You can buy the oils at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, Taylor’s Market or Corti Bros., or you can head right to the source, at the . Watching Apollo’s massive, Italian granite mill work its magic will make you a true believer in Dambeck’s evangelism of organic farming, hand harvesting, stone milling and cold pressing. The free event will be on Saturday, November 15, from noon to 4 p.m. in the Yuba County hamlet of Oregon House. Send an e-mail to for precise directions.