Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Supermarket openings rarely create the stir that occurred when Woodland-based opened in Greenhaven a few weeks ago. A huge mob came through the doors, and the lines at the register were 10 deep until late in the evening. If you don’t understand the fuss, then you have never been to one of Nugget’s newer markets. The stores are unusually stylish, with classical statues towering above the entrance; polished, acid-stained floors; and dramatic interior lighting. Nugget also features an extensive wine selection, an olive bar, fresh seafood displayed on crushed ice and an enticing selection of fresh produce. Greenhaven residents have had to endure a succession of lesser supermarkets in the same location. Now that the crowds are back to normal levels, you should drop by to see why they saluted Nugget with such ardor. 1040 Florin Road (and five other locations).