Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

The difference between a tortilla produced by a machine and a freshly made tortilla served hot off the comal is like the difference between Wonder Bread and a morning loaf from the Village Bakery. Unfortunately, only a few taquerias and restaurants in town, such as Centro and El Michoacano 2, make tortillas in-house. In the absence of fresh tortillas, one can turn to sopes, which join tacos and quesadillas as one of the few selections on the menu at Tacos al Jaliscience. Sopes are small cakes of fresh masa, fried in a bit of hot oil, with the edges pinched upward to hold the toppings. At Tacos al Jaliscience, you choose the meat; the taqueria adds crisp iceberg lettuce, rich crema and a hearty salsa. The taqueria attracts primarily Spanish-speaking customers—a promising validation of authenticity. Each sope costs only $1.50, and with something this fresh, you can’t eat just one. 1231 Main Street in Woodland.