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Illustration By Conrad Garcia

We all have our mission in life, and for Bill Wood, God bless him, that avocation is beer. Wood is brewmaster at Elk Grove Brewery Restaurant and has mastered the alchemy of fermented grain, yeast and hops. “It’s his life,” declared April, the brewpub manager, “well, except for his wife and baby boy.” At least eight of his creative brews are on tap at any given time, and the sampler allows one to appreciate the distinctive personality of each. Wood made quite an impression on the Great American Brewfest judges in 1999. They awarded gold medals for Wood’s Diamondback Wheat Ale and Otis Alt, then they named him “Small Brewpub Brewmaster of the Year.” So raise a pint glass to Bill Wood, working hard to quench our thirst with some of the best beer in America. 9085 Elk Grove Boulevard, 916-685-ALES.