FLOWER REVIEW: Four County Farms Sherbet

Get the scoop on this strain distributed by Herbish

Four County Farms Sherbet flower

Four County Farms Sherbet flower

Photo by Anne Stokes

It's like a smoke-able version of that giant scoop of rainbow sherbet, delicious and comforting.

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In one of the myriad ways that I was a strange kid, my ice cream preferences always ran toward sherbets and sorbets rather than the oppressive vanilla-chocolate oligarchy. The most desirable treat imaginable was a giant scoop of rainbow sherbet, because it combined many sherbets into one all-powerful sherbet, much like the Transformers and Gobots that I could have cared less about (like I said, strange kid).

Meanwhile, the Sherbet strain of cannabis combines the Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies strains into one delicious indica-dominant hybrid. A sister of the Sunset Sherbet strain, Sherbet is known for its creamy and cookie-like flavors, as well as the ability to provide pain numbing, stress relieving and mood uplifting effects with lower risks of adverse reaction.

The Sherbet strain grown in California by Four County Farms and distributed through Sacramento-area delivery service Herbish comes colored light green with light brown pistils, with a sweet smell of fruits and cream. Each hit offers a flavor excursion, starting creamy and sweet, growing piney and nutty on the tongue, and morphing into dank candy on the exhale, with a slightly grassy aftertaste.

It’s like a smoke-able version of that giant scoop of rainbow sherbet, delicious and comforting and comprised of the best of the best, but the effects of the Four County Farms Sherbet strain are as compelling as the smell and taste. In classic fashion, their Sherbet offers tension-melting relief with low doses of anxiety and sedation. Just make sure you stock up on ice cream first.

<div class="star-rating"> Content: 21% THC </div> <div class="star-rating"> Price: $35 for 1/8 oz. </div> <div class="star-rating"> Uses: Pain numbing, stress relief, mood uplift </div> <div class="star-rating"> Pros: Excellent taste and relaxation with low doses of anxiety and sedation </div> <div class="star-rating"> Cons: It left us craving ice cream </div>