Strain known for stress relief

Four County Farms Dream Queen flower

Four County Farms Dream Queen flower

Photo by Anne Stokes

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For all the demeaning cultural stereotypes about lazy, foggy, inept, potato chip-obsessed stoners, some of the most intelligent, competent and motivated people I’ve ever met have been habitual tokers. The part about the potato chips is right on the money, though. Day or night, we just gotta have those chips!

One of the best methods for productive daytime medicating is to choose a supportive strain, and the cerebral effects and mid-level THC percentage of the sativa-leaning Dream Queen make it a reliable a.m. option. A cross between Blue Dream and Cinderella 99, the strain is known as a stress reliever and mood enhancer, with some sedation and pain-relief effects due to its indica lineage.

The California-grown Dream Queen strain produced by Four County Farms offered more of the indica effects than expected, yet still left me feeling productive. My mood was not elevated and I didn’t feel particularly sociable, but I did have ample energy and focus to finish all my work.

Light green and decked with orange pistils, the buds are dense yet break apart easily, and they emit a grassy and sweet odor. It hits clean, with subtle flavors of mint and citrus, and little in the way of an aftertaste.

Four County Farms products are distributed through Herbish, a medical cannabis delivery service located in the Arden area. New Herbish customers receive two pre-rolls and one free gram of any Four County Farms flower, and they even operate until 2 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

<div class="star-rating"> Content: 22.5% THC </div> <div class="star-rating"> Price: $40 for 1/8 oz. </div> <div class="star-rating"> Uses: Added energy, stress relief, minor aches and pains </div> <div class="star-rating"> Pros: Cerebral and productive effects make this a solid daytime strain </div> <div class="star-rating"> Cons: More sedation and less mood enhancement than expected </div>