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For all of my experience smoking medical cannabis, I possess very little experience with vape products. This is mostly due to my stoner-Luddite aversion towards complicated smoking machinery (if a tool has too many detachable parts, it’s a sure bet I’ll lose them), and it’s one of the reasons why I found the O.penVAPE pen such a delight.

As the medical marijuana industry continues to grow, vape pens have continued to shrink, and the O.penVAPE is one of the smallest. It’s literally the size of a dime-store Bic, and doesn’t require any button-pushing or complex assembly. Just charge the pen through the screw-in USB port, then screw a cartridge of cannabis-infused oil into the pen and start puffing.

More experienced vapers may be able to recommend better products, but I can’t believe there’s anything more simple and discreet than the O.penVAPE.