FLOWER REVIEW: Four County Farms Strawberry Banana

Herbish delivery service’s strain is fruity and sweet

Four County Farms Strawberry Banana strain

Four County Farms Strawberry Banana strain

Photo by anne stokes

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In my younger days, I was known in my family for my love of fruit. As a baby, I refused to eat anything unless it was surreptitiously swirled into my applesauce, and in later years I insisted on the presence of fruit salad at holiday dinners. My grandmother chalked it up to some preternatural health kick, but in truth, it was because I wasn’t allowed to eat candy. If they put out a Skittles plate, I would have devoured that instead.

The Strawberry Banana strain, grown by Four County Farms and distributed by the cannabis delivery service Herbish, is like a smoke-able fruit salad. An indica-dominant hybrid created from combining strains of Bubble Gum and Banana Kush, Strawberry Banana boasts small, bright-green leaves with straw-colored highlights and cocoa-brown pistils.

It smells like strawberry candy, while the flavor blends berry, banana and pink bubblegum on the front end with some piney and tropical notes on the finish. The THC percentage for Strawberry Banana strains typically range between the high teens and the mid-20s, but judging by my nonsensical notes (at one point, I wrote that I was “starting to feel a little puckish"), I assume the Herbish version runs on the high end.

Strawberry Banana strains are famed for their ability to fight appetite loss, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, while also increasing creativity due to the sativa minority. However, the heavy sedation effects of the indica majority in the Herbish version make it an after-hours-only strain for most.

<div class="star-rating"> Content: 23% THC </div> <div class="star-rating"> Price: $35 for 1/8 oz </div> <div class="star-rating"> Uses: Loss of appetite; chronic pain; temporary relief of anxiety and depression </div> <div class="star-rating"> Pros: A heavenly fruit flavor and aroma; a mix of sativa and indica effects </div> <div class="star-rating"> Cons: Heavy sedation effects make this an after-hours-only strain </div>