Eric Williams

With the official arrival of autumn and, hopefully, colder weather, people might be inclined to stay indoors. If you’re looking for some inside activities, may I suggest knitting, reading or perhaps some good ol’ fashioned nookie? Local singer-songwriter Eric Williams (of Saucer and Spaceboy) compiled a list of “Songs to Make Sweet Lovin’ to,” or, in other words, “Sexy-time Songs.” By the way, Williams says both the Duran Duran track and the Nagel painting found on Rio’s cover, make him “Hungry Like the Wolf.” Now, download these songs and get your groove on.

1. “One of These Nights”
by the Eagles (from One of These Nights)

2. “In Your House”
by the Cure (from Seventeen Seconds)

3. “The Beautiful Ones”
by Prince and the Revolution (from Purple Rain soundtrack)

4. “No Ordinary Love”
by Sade (from Love Deluxe)

5. “Chauffeur”
by Duran Duran (from Rio)