Local rapper and producer C-Dubb delivers sick beats layered with explicit lyrics that beg for a parental-advisory sticker. “I gotta’ spit the truth/ and leave the motherfuckers stunned/ when I hit the booth. / Blaze the mic every time that I’m in the lab. / I’m like the GLP, / I got the gift of gab,” boasts C-Dubb on the track “Nobody Does It Like ….” See his skills live when he performs this Saturday at Silk II. Oh, and did we mention that N2Deep (of “Back to the Hotel” fame) is also slated to perform? Fuckin’ awesome!

1. “Bring Back Double”
by Doey Rock (from Montana Express)

2. “Riot Maker”
by Tech N9ne (from Everready [The Religion] )

3. “Hell Yeah!”
by San Quinn (from The Rock: Pressure Makes Diamonds)

4. “Build a Team”
by E-Moe (from Feel Good Muzic)

5. “Mrs. Parker”
by Big Hollis (from West/South)