Eight Gigs: Pamela Jean

Wed., July 1, 8 p.m., Blue Lamp, $5-$7

Country singer Pamela Jean has been all over the country—and in true troubadour fashion has called a number of those different cities her home (San Diego; Wyoming, Minn.; etc.). Currently she's set up stakes in Sacramento, and is dazzling the region with her heartfelt, husky voice and emotive, narrative roots-Americana tunes. In her travels, she's recorded in Nashville, but her style isn't of the strictly traditional twangy sound. She channels dynamic folk-rock singer Stevie Nicks and working-class icon Bruce Springsteen—alongside all the country music greats. There's a refreshingly honest, human element in her music that's lost on a lot of the big name country arena superstars. 1400 Alhambra Boulevard, www.facebook.com/Pjunlimited.