Eight Gigs: Jonathan Richman

Thurs., June 25, 7 p.m., Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub, $15-$18

Founder of the highly influential '70s garage-rock band the Modern Lovers, singer-songwriter and guitarist Jonathan Richman has released dozens of records in his long career. With 30-plus years logged in the music industry, Richman worked as either a solo artist, or with other lo-fi musicians like John Cale of the Velvet Underground and David Robinson of the Cars. His song “Roadrunner” is known to be heavily influenced by the Velvet Underground's “Sister Ray” and was covered by punk legends like Joan Jett (the Runaways) and Johnny Rotten (the Sex Pistols). Richman will be joined by longtime drummer Tommy Larkin. 2708 J Street, http://jojofiles.blogspot.com.