Eight Gigs: Orgone

Thur., June 2, 7 p.m., Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub, $15-$18

Though some will assert that soul has made a comeback in recent years, being rebranded as a neo take on neo-soul and what have you, it’s probably more accurate to say that since its heydey in the 1970s, it’s never really gone away. This is evident as ever in Los Angeles-based eight-piece Orgone. Most immediately the band evokes Rufus and Chaka Khan and Donna Summer, but with modern flourishes à la the Alabama Shakes on their funkier tracks. Ugh. Did I just describe neo-neo-soul? I guess. Either way, the vivacious act boasts an electric and highly danceable live show. 2708 J Street, www.orgonespace.com.