Eight Gigs: Noah Byrd

Sat., May 28, 8 p.m., Shine, $7

There’s something sweet and familiar about local singer-songwriter Noah Byrd’s debut EP, Silver Bullet. Deep in the lyrical angst, I can’t help but feel like Byrd is secretly an optimist—otherwise, he wouldn’t be sharing his pain. But that could be an entirely inaccurate interpretation of the man’s head space. Definitely accurate: fluid, intricate guitar and a ’90s, alt-rock vibe. Three months later, he’s ready to release another EP, Feathers. With fiddle and banjo, expect his indie-rock sound to veer more into indie folk. Also on the bill: Vinnie Guidera & the Dead Birds and Amber DeLaRosa of Flourish. 1400 E Street, www.facebook.com/noahbyrdguitar.