Eight Gigs: Brave Season

Mon., June 29, 8 p.m., Third Space Gallery, $5

In case you haven't heard, emo is coming back in a big way. Well, maybe not that big, but there is a resurgence going on. Yuba City's four-man outfit Brave Season is doing its part keeping indie-flavored emo (or is it emo-flavored indie?) alive on the emo-starved west coast. It'll be performing for the first time since the release of the debut album, On Long Distance and The Ties That Held Us Together. Dynamic instrumentals, catchy choruses and heart-rending lyrics are Brave Season's forte. If you dig Modern Baseball or Into It Over It, Brave Season will be as warm and familiar as a Christmas sweater. 946 Olive Drive in Davis, www.facebook.com/braveseason.