Dynamite dumplings

Don’t have anything planned for Sunday dinner? You do now. Of course, to get it, you’ll also have to do a little Sunday driving—40 miles or so down Highway 160, through the picturesque Sacramento Delta, to the riverside community of Rio Vista. There, a block down Main Street from Foster’s Bighorn (Rio Vista’s famed restaurant/taxidermy museum), you’ll find Jessen’s Café, where on Sundays the dinner special is chicken and dumplings. This ain’t your ordinary chicken and dumplings. We’re talking a bowl the size of a small kitchen sink, filled to the brim with thick creamy broth, an entire half-chicken (bones and all), and a half-dozen fist-sized dough balls that are literally to die for. If you love chicken and dumplings, this is what you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. If you don’t, well, what the hell is wrong with you?