Hungry for Hungarian

The last place I worked, there was one choice for lunch within walking distance—unless you wanted to take your chances with the roach coach. Here, we’re luckier; there are a number of great places to nosh within a three-block radius. One of my favorites is directly across the street: Café Marika, a tiny Hungarian restaurant, where Eva waits the five tables and small counter, while her hubby Louie cooks in the back. And what cooking! The specialties are goulash, namely savory chunks of pork liberally doused with paprika, and chicken paprikash, which is exactly what it sounds like. Both come served over spetzels, small, stick-to-your-rib dumplings. It’s soul food any way you cut it, and if you have any room left, be sure to try the strudel—it’s more tart than sweet, and it’s easily one of the best dessert items in town.