Awfully great

With a name like Awful Wally’s, it better be awfully good, and danged if it ain’t. Located on Richards Boulevard just off Highway 160 North (aka 16th Street), this blue concrete barn offers that rarest of morsels: a hamburger you don’t have to be embarrassed about eating. It begins and ends with the meat—thin, seemingly hand-shaped quarter-pound ground-beef patties that cover the entire bun. The standard burger, good enough for mere mortals, goes for a slight $2.69. Not enough meat to please you? Try the Awful Wally Burger, topped with mounds of pastrami, for a paltry $3.99. If that doesn’t do you in, up the ante to $4.09 and go for the Lotto, topped with, now dig this, a slab of teriyaki beef steak. They got Wally Dogs and Belly Busters, too, the latter being a roast beef, turkey and jack-cheese sandwich that’ll slay you for $3.99. No doubt about it,

lunch is alive and well at Awful Wally’s.