Fish taco heaven

Regular SN&R readers may remember the piece I wrote last year about the plethora of authentic Mexican eateries along Franklin Boulevard between Fruitridge Boulevard and 47th Avenue. It seemed like time to revisit the area for an update, so my friend Sergio and I recently went for lunch at one of our favorite taquerias, Tacos Arandas. Initially we were a bit upset to find that it was no longer there. But I’m happy to report that Taqueria Cazadores replaced it, and even though the menu’s changed a bit, it’s for the better. One of my faves at Arandas was its grilled fish taco, which was taken off the menu sometime last year. I was more than excited to find that Cazadores had revived them. Besides a fish taco, I also ordered a marinated pork taco and a chorizo taco, along with a Cerveza Pacifico to wash it down. Grand total was $7.50 out the door, but we opted to eat there amid the familiar Tecate and Corona promotional posters. We picked a table under the big map of Mexico, where we talked about the places we’d visited and the ones we wanted to visit. The fish taco was excellent, possibly even better than Arandas’ version, elevating it to the best fish taco I’ve had in the United States. The pork and chorizo were also amazing, each distinctly flavorful and juicy. If you’re jonesing for an authentic Mexican taco that’ll really remind you of life south of the border, this is the place.