Delta daytripping

Been to Al the Wop’s in the Sacramento Delta one too many times? Then get on down the levee road to Wimpy’s Marina, located about 25 miles south of Sacramento between Walnut Grove and Thornton. Here, nestled along the south fork of Mokelumne River, you’ll find Popeye and crew stocking up on protein, fat and carbs via Western Burgers and Riverbirds—the latter being two inches of sliced turkey slapped between grilled sourdough bread with bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and Bermuda onion. Wimpy’s serves bacon and eggs for breakfast and surf and turf for dinner. But lunch is where it’s at, watching the current ebb and flow through huge plate glass windows. Distance makes a jaunt to Wimpy’s a weekend affair for most of us, but the journey, down winding Highway 160 through the rustic Delta towns of Freeport, Hood, Courtland, Locke and Walnut Grove, justifies the time and money spent alone. It’s kind of like getting a free lunch.