Needs more “kaboom”

What is "explosion chicken"? Well, it’s hot and spicy, said our server. As "C" of choices A through D on the $4.95 luncheon combo-plate menu at First Choice, it’s the item that caught my fancy. And, not wanting to incur the wrath of Oprah Winfrey, I picked the yardbird option over beef. The special also came with a choice of steamed rice, fried rice or pork chow mein, plus an egg roll and soup of the day—which turned out to be egg flower (excellent, given the small portion) on this particular Tuesday. Did the explosion chicken detonate? Yeah, if your idea of a big bang comes courtesy of a string-pulled noisemaker; if you’re advertising "hot," you might want to make sure it will please the scorched palates of the kind of people who nip shots of habañero sauce for sport. That said, the food tasted quite fresh, and a side dish of sliced barbecued pork, which came slathered with piquant sauce, was damned near exquisite.