Drink with the dinosaurs

Illustration by Serene Lusano

Now that Guy Fieri’s chain restaurant on Arden Way is shuttered, the most novelty eatery in the area that doesn’t involve an animatronic band and Skee-Ball may be Tea Rex in Elk Grove. Besides having the most pun-tastic name ever, the shop (2475 Elk Grove Boulevard in Elk Grove, Suite 150) has a menu full of novelty consumables, including milk tea, boba, slushy, sushi, ramen and ramen burger—most of which is not vegan. But if sipping/chewing on tea and staring into the eyes of mounted dinosaur heads on the wall is what your heart desires, don’t deny yourself. A note about milk tea: After visiting several boba dispensaries around town, the employees said it contains nondairy creamer, so it’s OK for vegans. It is not. Nondairy creamer actually does contain dairy. Anyway, for a superior drink you can chew sans dino décor, Brown Sugar, located inside 99 Ranch Market (4220 Florin Road, Suite 106) tops the leaderboard.