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Get your Drank on at www.drankbeverage.com.

In this coffee-swilling nation, Drank debuts as the first anti-energy drink that promises to “slow your roll” with a warning that it may “cause one to lean.” As silly as it sounds, it’s effective. Alternative medicine has long used rose hips, valerian root and melatonin (yes, the human hormone) separately to relax the body and deal with anxiety. Drank has simply brought them together in beverage form. Devoid of the taurine that gives energy drinks that horrible metallic, bitter taste, Drank is mild with a slight berry and herbal-tea aftertaste. While it won’t knock you out, one 16-ounce Drank is strong enough to counter an 8.3 ounce Red Bull nicely. Though it’s not the prescribed use, mix it with vodka and you won’t just lean, you’ll fall flat on your ass.