Our Pride Records

If you think the days of youthful hardcore à la Gorilla Biscuits, Bold and Youth of Today are gone, think again. Our Pride Records, based in Southern California, is a label dedicated to bringing only the most energetic, interesting and old-school hardcore back into existence. Take, for instance, One Step Forward, like Champion on steroids, or Live For Today, the now-defunct posi-core outfit that is in fact so positive, they make you want to gleefully kick the shit out of something. Or At All Costs, who back their hard-assed tracks with a horn section, creating a new sound out of traditional hardcore. CDs are cheap ($4-$8) at www.ourpriderecords.net, so if you have any urge at all to listen to the hardest of hardcore chock-full of sing-alongs and gut-wrenching positive vibes, check it out.