Super Smash Bros. Brawl

For the Nintendo Wii

Put all of your favorite aspects of Nintendo into a blender, hit frappé, and you have Smash Bros. There’s a single-player mode, trophies and challenges, but, really, who cares? It’s about throwing four players into a crazy arena with weird weapons and fighting with your pixilated balls to the wall. If Smash Bros. was on Xbox 360, the online play would be incredible, but it’s stuck with Xbox Live’s retarded second cousin, Nintendo Wi-Fi, and it suffers for it. The Wiimote/Nunchuk Controller isn’t as bad as it sounds, but purists will want to dig an old GameCube controller out of the closet. Smash Bros. is the best and worst of all things Nintendo. While you get Mario and Samus, you also have Pikmins and Pokémons squawking about, making you want to throttle them. Here’s your chance.