Doughnut hole-in-the-wall getaway

Illustration by JONATHAN BUCK

Summer break is a great excuse to get out of town, and Pepples Donut Farm in Oakland is a sweet excuse to eat doughnuts. The hole-in-the-wall (6037 San Pablo Avenue) with the agrarian name conjures an image of pastel-iced rings sprouting from rows of earth with a luminous rainbow backdrop and an overalls-clad panda harvesting the all-organic, vegan crop of lavender Earl Grey, Mexican chocolate, salted caramel, whiskey-tangerine fig and roasted red chili doughnuts. Even people who admit they “don’t even know what it means for a donut to be vegan,” such as Yelp reviewer Meredith W. from Austin, Texas, conceded “these donuts were effing GOOD.” She seemed to love it, although she did also say, “Dickheads love this place.” Aw, be nicer to yourself, Meredith. Pepples also offers savory eats to balance out the sweet with an elusive vegan brunch, including biscuits with mushroom gravy, buffalo cauliflower and breakfast burritos.