Bottomless samosas

Illustration by SERENE LUSANO

The concept of bottomless mimosas is fine, but the concept of bottomless samosas is fantastic. The idea, proposed by local comedian and vegan Ted Samson, is sound: Refill plates with the potato-filled, fried golden pyramids as they disappear, just like that brunch-time boozy beverage. While the bottomless samosa isn’t in practice at any Indian eateries to speak of, it would make for the happiest happy hour or lunch special, wouldn’t it? For now, the closest to samosa-refill paradise is the appropriately named Samosa Garden (6604 Florin Road), which sells the dumplings for 85 cents each. Grabbing a quick meal and dessert at this no-frills, served-in-disposable-containers, vegan-friendly South Sacramento eatery is only about $5. So, let’s all go to Samosa Garden and other Indian restaurants and request bottomless samosas. Just because it’s not a thing now doesn’t mean it can’t be.