Rated 3.0 Doomed, sex-crazed reptiles tear each other apart in this biting, allegorical satire on the consumerism that drives humanity into auto-cannibalism. Uh, not really. But, originally, Dinosaur—the folksy Disney flick that hit screens last week—was the pet project of director Paul Verhoeven (Starship Troopers), red-lit by studios as too cost-prohibitive to film. Now, 15-odd years later, the folks at the Mouse Co., aided by state-of-the-art technology, have delivered with this phantasmagorical piece of Godiva-chocolate-covered, uh, marshmallow. On the one hand, it’s a dazzling blend of real locations, effects, and CG animation that is pure eye-candy. Beyond that, however, it’s fluff… nothing more than a transition from Point A (oh no—an asteroid!) to Point B (oh, oh—predators!) to Point C (ah—oasis!). On the plus side, none of the dinosaurs breaks out in song.