Cruelty-free is beautiful

Even if you have no interest in being vegan, most likely, you're not a fan of animal testing for cosmetic products. If you really want the gory details on the cruelty that companies make rabbits endure for mascara and whatnot, feel free to Google it to see all their blistering eyes and convulsions from concoctions companies put on them and want you to put on your body, too. Instead, let's focus on kinder solutions. There are actually plenty of options these days that contain vegan ingredients and have not been tested on cute creatures, such as 100% Pure (, which uses fruit and tea as pigments. More widely available is Tarte, which has a vegan collection ( Look for the Leaping Bunny logo on product labels, and consult for a helpful guide of companies that don't do animal testing, because living cruelty-free is a beautiful thing.