Colfax vegan dine and dash

Illustration by Brian Breneman

I would have been remiss if I didn’t pull off of Interstate 80 in Colfax to have lunch at Dine N Dash Pub & Grill to see if any diners slipped out without paying. The name is intended to refer to dining expediency rather than thievery, but still. Located at 1516 South Canyon Way, it’s a spacious, country-chic diner with a large covered outdoor patio—and there are three vegan items on the menu: the Malibu Vegan Burger, Malibu Vegan Tacos and Veggie Tacos. Kitchen manager Eric Nava said they were added two years ago to accommodate the owner’s friend’s vegan kids. And of the rotating daily soups, the black bean soup is safe for herbivores, and the kitchen can veganize orders on request. As for the eatery’s name, Nava said he once witnessed a tipsy bachelor party on the patio jump over the railing to flee, but the designated driver laughed,

“I already paid!”