Cold comfort

It’s ice-cream season again, thank goodness. Bafflingly, Midtown and downtown lack proper ice-cream parlors, so head to Gunther’s Quality Ice Cream (2801 Franklin Boulevard, (916) 457-6646) to get your fix. I asked owner Rick Klopp, who has been in the ice-cream business since 1962 and bought the venerable Gunther’s in 1974, what his customers are ordering these days—and what his ideal ice-cream treat is:

“Right now, our most popular flavors are Oreo cookie, cookie dough and birthday cake. The latter is a cake-batter ice cream, and it’s got multicolored sugar cookies in it. Everybody likes it. For myself, I go for the sundaes. I like our hot-fudge brownie sundae and the banana split—those are my favorites.”