Cheese O.D.

Garrett McCord writes the shibby food blog Vanilla Garlic (, where he’s posted dozens of cupcake recipes and hysterical food rants. Lately, though, he’s been getting mildly obsessed with cheese. These are his current top three:

1. “Point Reyes blue cheese, because it’s salty and exactly what a blue cheese needs to be. If I’m going to cook with it, I put it on a burger with Dijon and green onions. But mostly I eat it straight.”

2. “Pecorino Romano, because I use it on everything—especially grilled vegetables. Then I just toss the rinds in the freezer and save them for when I need them for soup or cheese sauce.”

3. “Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk is too good to cook with. I just nibble it down by itself. If I have fruit lying around, I’ll eat it with that, but I’m fine just snacking on small slivers of it off the knife.”