Keep it slow

Melinda McRae Beer is co-chair of the Slow Food Sacramento chapter. It’s not about cooking with crockpots, but about sustainably grown and handmade foods. I asked why she joined the group.

“I initially got involved in 2002 because I am a foodie and it was sort of a social thing. Now I really like the aspect of learning what’s around us agriculturally.

“Many members like that they’re able to meet the farmers and producers and talk to them directly. We have put on events with olive-oil producers and pear farmers, for example. It’s really great to know who’s providing our food for us.

“We also do some fundraising activities, like one with the Hunger Coalition coming up in July. Slow Food always partners with food-related organizations so they can help out people who need food. It’s not just for events, it’s also about giving back to the community.”