Roadkill can be yummy

Sacramento’s Hank Shaw writes the food blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (—nominated for a prestigious James Beard Foundation Award. He’s getting lots of questions about cooking game, but what he really wants you to ask is:

“How do I get into this hunting thing? One of the reasons I do the blog is to show that hunting is more than just hillbillies and wealthy trophy hunters. I want to open it to new people, especially those interested in food.

“Gardening questions. I get so few of these, and I actually have quite a lot of experience raising veggies [see his post on oyster plants].

“What do I do with that muskrat I just ran over? If you know how to dress an animal, there is no reason you can’t eat roadkill—provided you’re the one who hit the thing (you gotta know it’s fresh, right?). Accident or no, you killed the critter, so you might as well not waste it.”