Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing

So, you’ve got a baby on the way? Can’t think of what to name the lil’ crotch rocket? Check out this site to see what not to name it. San Francisco fashion designer Diana Goodman appropriated the contents of some Internet bulletin boards and added her own very snarky commentary, and the result makes for some of the funniest content on the Web. Between the dopey names (“My favorite name are: Xev Chiana Louise, Nikita Gia Ravin … I want kids to entire the world unique”) and Goodman’s annotations (“Yeah, well I like names not stupid. Names actual exist. Pronoun, verb like too. Names suggest cruel, unusual…”), there are hours of rib-tickling reading. You want more? “I also heard the name Toka for a girl. What do you think of that name?” Goodman comments: “Hey, Toka! Wanna go for a smoke-a? How about some cocoa? She really likes mocha! Let’s buy an artichoka! She lives la vida loca!” Dig in.