Astronaut Jones

Frankly, Saturday Night Live stinks these days, and the no-talent wingnuts who write most of its skits should be relegated to penning one-liners for Bob Dole on the rubber-chicken circuit. One of the show’s few bright lights, however, is Tracy Morgan’s ridiculous but hilarious sendup of 1950s sci-fi movies, in the skit “Astronaut Jones.” This page, on Morgan’s Web site, has a link to an MP3 of the infectiously kitschy “Astronaut Jones” theme song (“Rocket / I’m taking a rocket / I’m packing my suitcase / Hey, look out, Moon!”) as well as a transcript of one episode, wherein, after a series of monosyllabic answers—“right,” “dig”—to the pleadings of a beautiful space alien from Porpula, he deadpans: “Well, why don’t you drop out of that green jumpsuit and show me that phat ass!” The Web site, unfortunately, is too bare-bones and could use some added content. But the theme song is the bomb.