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Holiday TV specials could be worse

We may never achieve peace on Earth, but we can at least share a common belief that they don’t make holiday-themed TV specials like they used to. There’s just so much mercenary piffle now, so many shows that can’t hold a menorah candle to the classics. Let us take consolation from knowing that some such programs, for possibly self-evident reasons, ultimately proved untenable. Let us consider it a blessing that these offerings never made it out of development:

’Fraidy, the Yellow Snowman (ABC)

Survivor: Island of Misfit Toys (CBS)

Mad Max: Festival of Lights (HBO)

The Secret Life of Egg Nog (A&E)

“Kramer” Knows Kwanzaa (NBC)

Blitzen in London! (BBC)

Iron Chef: Fruitcake (Food Network/here! TV)

I’ll be in Hamas for Christmas (Al-Jazeera)

Everybody Hates Christ (CW/Fox News)

A Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown Christmas (Access Sacramento)