Adventures of Joe Dirt

Rated 2.0 Call me mean-spirited, but I found this pæan to those walking clichés—the mullet-sporting throwbacks who worship Bob Seger, Hemi big blocks, and monster truck rallies—to be a bit too candy-assed for good satire. Dennis Miller, the master of the vitriolic rant, is completely defanged here as a LA shock-jock who ropes in perennial loser Joe Dirt (David Spade) to spin on-air his woeful tale of being abandoned at the Grand Canyon at an early age by his peckerwood parents, and his subsequent lifelong misadventures while searching for them. Unfortunately, Spade is content to return to that tired old standby, the lovable-loser-who-overcomes-all-obstacles-to-be-redeemed-and-ultimately-score-with-the-supermodel-love-interest-who-sees-through-his-dweeb-veneer-and-appreciates-him-for-who-he-truly-is multiplex crowd-pleaser. A handful of amusing cameos from the likes of Christopher Walken, Rosanna Arquette, Kid Rock and others, plus momentary spurts of the proper amount of bile cannot save this one from seeming like being trapped listening to KFM for an hour-and-a-half.